Dr. Maha Kattaa

Director, Regional Office for Iraq, UN ILO (Iraq)

Director, Regional Office for Iraq, UN ILO (Iraq). Dr. Maha Kattaa joined the UNILO in 2009 following 12 years of professional experience in academic and governmental fields, including 4 years at the Syrian State Planning Commission and 8 years in managing short and long-term projects with the EU, UNDP and UNILO.  She holds a PhD in International law and a Master degree in international Economic relations from University of Loraine in France. She was an Associate Professor at Aleppo University and at the Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA) at Damascus University during the period of 2004-2013. 

Dr. Kattaa, published several papers and articles on employment, social protection and refugees and recently several reports on the impact of COVID-19 on the labour Market in the Arab region. She has been leading the UNILO response to the Refugee Crisis in Jordan for the seven years and helped thousands of refugee’s accesses to formal and decent employment in the country through evidence-based policy advocating for eliminating child labour, improving work permit regulations, skills development, job placement, Employment Intensive Investment Programme and entrepreneurship development.  

Dr. Kattaa is the Senior Resilience and Crisis Response Specialist for the UNILO Regional Office for Arab States supporting mainly Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Syria.  She is also ILO’s country coordinator for Iraq since March 2020, responsible for providing policy advice, technical advisory services, programme and project development and leading applied research in the field of employment-rich and decent work driven crisis responses.