Salah Al-Jarallah

Chairman, Board of Directors - Orphans Care Federation (Kuwait)

AlJarallah, founded Orphans Care Federation in Istanbul in 2015, also expanded the organisation to a second office in London in 2017. He has been the Secretary-General of the federation since 2015.

AlJarallah has held a number of positions and tasks in the humanitarian and charitable field, such as Leading the Al-Khayr Voluntary Team in Kuwait since 2012, vice-president of the Palestine Committee in the International Islamic Charitable Organization since 2011. He is also currently a member of the General Assembly of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society.

During his humanitarian work, visited many countries to observe and relate their plight to donor organizations. He also led humanitarian missions to Bosnia and Turkey. He participated in many conferences, workshops, and training programmes in several countries. 

Ex-officio of the Office of Abstinent Families at Zakat House. He participated in many relief campaigns to help the victims of Kosova, Bosnia, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq and other countries.

Works as Imam and Preacher in Kuwait from 1989 until now. He has been a board member of the Kuwaiti Imams and Preachers Syndicate since 2012.

AlJarallah previously held several positions as a Sharia observer for Al-Madar Investment Company 2000 - 2001. And advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society 2013 - 2016.