Fadi Iskandarani
Conference Chair - Chief Executive, Orphans Care Federation (United Kingdom)
Salah Al-Jarallah
Chairman, Board of Directors - Orphans Care Federation (Kuwait)
Dr. Hany El-Banna
President, World Humanitarian Action Forum (United Kingdom)
Dr. Abdulhalim Zeidan
Chairman, GDP Institute (Lebanon)
Ahmed Nasif
PhD Researcher, Yüzüncü Yıl University (Turkey)
Dr. Abdullah Ziade
Executive Director, Zaca International (Lebanon)
Zahra Asgari
PhD Candidate, Department of Counseling - Faculty of Education and Psychology - University of Isfahan (Iran)
Dr. Azam Naghavi
Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling - Faculty of Education and Psychology - University of Isfahan (Iran)
Dr. Maha Kattaa
Director, Regional Office for Iraq, UN ILO (Iraq)
Dr. Suad Albesher
Associate Professor, College of Basic Education - Department of Psychology - The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (Kuwait)
Jahangeer Akhtar
CEO, Read Foundation (United Kingdom)
Dr. Jemba Haruna
Lecturer, College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Makerere University (Uganda)
Dr. Asif Ali
Visiting Lecturer, Kohat University of Science & Technology (Pakistan)
Evgeniia Fedorova
Graduate of Master Programme "Population and Development" HSE University (Russia)
Dr. Doaa Abdelhameed
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Organization - Faculty of Social Work - Helwan University (Egypt)
Mohamed Chaouf
Philosophy Teacher, The Secondary Qualifying Corps at the Regional Academy of Souss Massa (Morocco)
Mohammad Seyam
Researcher, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar)
Firas Asmar
Lecturer, Alummah University College (Palestine)
Imad Ata Faroun
Lecturer, Alummah University College (Palestine)
Tarek Abdelalem
Managing Director, Islamic Relief (Germany)
Dr. Zahra Al-Khamlichi
Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Martil - Abdel Malek Saadi University (Morocco)
Dr. Said Slimane Aouachria
Lecturer, Department of Psychology - Pedagogical Sciences and Orthopedics - University of Batna (Algeria)
Dr. Siham Abbassi
Lecturer, Barika University Center (Algeria)
Dr. Chahira Boulahia
Lecturer, Barika University Center (Algeria)
Dr. Leila Yebda
Lecturer, Faculty of Law - University of Algeria (Algeria)
Dr. Hamid Mesrar
Lecturer, University of Mohammed I Oujda (Morocco)
Dr. Nabil Ounnoughi
Lecturer, University Center Si El-Hawas - Barika (Algeria)
Dr. Abd Al Qader Hammad
Associated Professor, Dept. of Geography, Al-Aqsa University (Palestine)
Nesreen AlQaisi
Administrator, University College of Science and Technology (Palestine)
Dr. Ahmed I. Hammad
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Media - Al-Aqsa University (Palestine)
Dr. Amar Houtia
Assistant Professor, Department of Management - University of Ahmed Draia, Adrar (Algeria)
Christian Meyer zu Natrup
Founder & Managing Director - MzN International (Germany)
Dr. Rawan Ibrahim
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work - German Jordanian University (Jordan)
Dr. Ahmed Musa
Consultant and IT Expert (United Kingdom)
Dr. Deirdre Blackie
CEO, Courage Child Protection (South Africa)
Darrell Foster
Head of Learning & Development, Humanitarian Academy for Development (United Kingdom)
Dr. Mourad Redaoui
Lawyer & Lecturer, Faculty of Law - University of M'sila (Algeria)
Nadeem Ahmed Khan
Chairman, Khubaib Foundation (Pakistan)
Dr. Hanaa Albanna
Senior Social Researcher, Faith Regen Foundation (United Kingdom)
Dr. Selman Selim
University Lecturer - Head of Research Team, Turkish Red Crescent (Turkey)
Dr. Ibrahim Altan
General Manager, Turkish Red Crescent (Turkey)
Ahmed Al-Batish
Senior Officer, Productive Loans Administrator - Islamic Welfare Association (Lebanon)
Abdul Rahman Al Mutawa
Deputy Director General, Projects - International Islamic Charity Organization (Kuwait)
Waleed Al-Saif
General Manager - Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society (Kuwait)
Amir Alam
Lecturer, Department of Social Service - Martyr Benazir Bhutto University (Pakistan)
Kwestan Ameen
Director, Salsabil Educational Center for Orphans (Iraq)
Dr. Munawwar Najim
Lecturer, Faculty of Education - Islamic University of Gaza (Palestine)
Eman Nijem
Research Assistant, Islamic University of Gaza (Palestine)
Amal Najim
Lecturer, University College of Applied Sciences (Palestine)
Dr. Sabah Aiche
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences - University of Chlef (Algeria)
Huda Abd Alaal
PhD Researcher, Department of Psychology - University of Muhammadiyah (Indonesia)
Prf. Fawzia Al-Zubair
Professor, College of Social Work - Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University (KSA)
Sabreen Alqaisi
Training Programmes Officer, Researcher - Orphans Care Federation (Turkey)
Dr. Hussein Zeidan
Education Supervisor, Iraqi Ministry of Education (Iraq)
Akossa Nkeh Thomas
Founder & Director, Light Outreach Foundation International (Cameroon)
Dr. Savolana Onitiana Razafintsalama
Lecturer, Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences - University of Antananarivo (Madagascar)
Dr. Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor
Assistant Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations - Coventry University (United Kingdom)
Cumana Habra
General Manager, Women Support Association - Board Member, Orphans Care Federation (Turkey)
Khaled Al Issa
General Manager, Ataa for Humanitarian Relief - Deputy Chairman, Orphan Care Federation (Turkey)
Dr. Zainab Alwani
Associate Professor, Historical Studies, Divinity - Howard University (USA)
Dr. Reda Sayed Al-Ashmawi
Director, The Global Center for Philanthropy Studies - International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO) (Kuwait)
Zehra Kavak
Senior Researcher, Turkish Red Crescent - PhD Student in Humanitarian Diplomacy (Turkey)
Dr. Ahmed Al Oqabi
General Manager, Yemeni Friendship and Collaboration Association Member - Board Member, Orphans Care Federation (Turkey)
Ahmet Vefaoglu
General Manager, Masarrat Organization - Member, Board of Directors, Orphans Care Federation (Turkey)
Alpaslan Durmus
President, Turkish Red Crescent Academy (Turkey)