Scientific Committee

Dr. Abd Al Qader Hammad

Associated Professor, Dept. of Geography, Al-Aqsa University (Palestine)

Dr. Abdel Qader is a researcher and expert in Palestinian tourism affairs. He holds graduate degrees in the fields of geography of tourism and media. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gaza Community College for Tourism Studies, and is a member of several peer-reviewed scientific journals. He previously worked at the Palestinian News Agency "Wafa" and at the Jerusalem International Foundation and the Center for Labor Studies, and gave his lectures at the Palestine Technical College and Al-Aqsa University He also provided many training courses, and participated in many campaigns and community initiatives.

Dr. Abdel Qader published A number of books and scientific articles in various fields and presented his interventions in dozens of conferences, in which he discussed issues of society, education, training, tourism and other issues, in addition to various publications in Palestinian and Arab newspapers.