Scientific Committee

Dr. Ghassan El Kahlout

Assistant Professor, Head of the Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action Program, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar)

PhD in post-war reconstruction and development studies from York University, UK. His specialized experience covering two decades of work includes the areas of humanitarian response, post-war early recovery and capacity building. In addition to his work in various professional locations in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, he worked in other countries torn by wars and disasters such as Palestine, Iraq and Yemen. He has worked in international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Federation of Red Crescent Societies, Islamic Relief Worldwide and the Humanitarian Forum in the United Kingdom. He led and was a member of emergency humanitarian response teams in Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya and Jordan. He delivered training courses in the fields of humanitarian response, disaster management, post-war early recovery and post-war reconstruction.