User guide for speakers

Important notes regarding the speakers during the conference on the Zoom platform

Step 1: The most important thing is to receive an email that contains login information to the platform as Panelist, to be able to speak during the conference, the email will be according to the following image:

You will find in the email, as shown above, the link, and the Passcode.

Step 2: Entering the link is very important, it will take you to the platform, where you can then activate the audio (microphone) and video option) To be visible to the audience (. You will find these two options in the bottom left of the platform window.

The red line mark should be removed in both options so that the audio and video are in the correct status. Please remain in Mute until the Presenter has finished speaking to introduce you as a speaker.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate room for the speaker's language, where Arabic speakers choose the Arabic interpretation room, and English speakers choose the English interpretation room

This is very important to be interpreters present as well as those who speak your language able to hear your voice, and to be the audience who do not speak your language able to hear the voice of the translator.