User guide for attendees

How to join an event via the Zoom platform

Joining an event via Zoom can be done as follows:

At first Join via a link that received in your e-mail,

The link takes you to a webpage where you are required to either download or run the zoom app, like this:

Click on Open Zoom Meetings, then a message may appear as follows:

This means that the host is waiting for the event to start, and this means that the host did not start the event on his side. You can then review some settings, by clicking on Test Computer Audio, and the following window will appear:

Using this window, it is possible to test your computer's sound, determine the audible volume levels, and check the camera settings.

When finished, the settings window can be closed. And wait a few seconds for the event to log in.

Note: If you are an Attendees at an event via Zoom Webinar, it will be available for you:

1. You can type a questions through the Q&A option, as in the following picture:

When you click on the Q&A option, a window appears as follows:

In the open tab, type the questions, and the answers to other questions can be viewed through the Answered tab.
2. Correspond via Chat. Where you can send your messages to all attendees and panelists of the platform, or to panelists only, through the option at the bottom of the Chat tab, as in the following picture:

How to use the Interpretation feature within the Zoom platform:

After joining the Zoom meeting, it would be easy to find the Interpretation option at the bottom center of the meeting window, as shown in the following image:

Among the options, we click on: “Interpretation”:

By clicking on it, we find the available languages, Arabic - English, in addition to the "Mute Original Audio" option, which enables you to mute the original audio that is translated into another language.

Note: When Interpretation does not appear: We may either have to reinstall the Zoom program on the computer or update the program.