Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions
For Participants in workshops across the virtual world

The conference management is committed to creating an environment that enables everyone to participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any kind. All participants must be treated with respect and interest. This document specifies the Terms and Conditions between the participant and the management of the scientific conference for orphans’ care, you must read this document carefully, by registering, joining any of the virtual conference sessions, or accessing the conference web pages, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.


Privacy and Use of Data Policy

  • By registering at the conference, participants agree that their personal information might be stored and used by conference management, organizers, and partners for: 
  1. Organizing and managing the event.
  2. To advertise future programs and services that can benefit participants.
  3. Use for promotional and marketing materials in relation to similar events and other activities organized by event partners.
  • Participants have the right to withdraw their consent to the use of their personal data at any time. If participants wish to opt out of marketing information, please send an email to
  • By participating in the Scientific Conference on Orphans Care, you agree that your interventions will be filmed, recorded, interviewed, by the conference management, and organizers and partners; you also agree that we may use, publish, edit and merge (and authorize others to do the same) any recordings including your name and voice, Your profile, positions deem appropriate for use, including in relation to any promotional purposes, television broadcasts, advertising, presentation, webcast, reproduction, or other dissemination of such material through any media platform and regardless of the purpose of such promotional purposes.
  • By accessing the Conference Platform, you waive all rights you may have in any payment claims in relation to any registrations and uses of it. You also waive any right to examine or approve any recordings and uses.
  • Unauthorized recording of the conference will be monitored. By attending or registering to the conference’s platform you thereby agree not to record or digitalize and part of the presentations. If you try to use a recording device, you agree to be removed immediately from the conference platform and deliver the recorded material. 

Program Changes

  • The conference management reserves the right to make modifications to the program and/or date and/or place at any time without prior notice.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the start time of the event and sessions, participants shall be kept informed. 
  • The organizer reserves the right at any time to cancel, delay or postpone the conference for any reason, in such cases, the conference management will seek to inform the participants as soon as possible.



  • Conference management, organizers and partners are committed to the humanitarian principles (humanity, independence, non-alignment, neutrality, transparency), and other interventions of all conference participants reflect their own points of view, and the conference management, organizers and partners are not responsible. 
  • Conference management cannot control all the contents of papers, publications, interventions and speeches of the event participants. Despite the careful and lengthy nomination procedures that the selection process has undergone, it is difficult to ascertain the conformity of what the participants have presented with what will be presented, so:
    • Conference management, organizers and partners disclaim responsibility for any offensive, harmful, misleading, inappropriate or deceptive content;
    • Conference management, organizers and partners disclaim their responsibility for any content calling for hatred, violence, terrorism, racism and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sect, religion, color, political or other opinion, parentage, birth, age, disability, health status or status in terms of Immigration, sexual orientation, gender identity, national, ethnic or social origin or language;
    • Conference management, organizers and partners disclaim responsibility for content deemed to be threatening, aggressive or indicating criminal or illegal conduct; 
    • Conference management, organizers and partners are disclaiming responsibility for any losses, damages, obligations, claims or expenses of any kind that arise from or can be attributed to the event, and they will not  be responsible for any direct, indirect, or special, consequential or punitive damages arising from the use of conference materials; 
    • Some workshops may include highly sensitive materials that reflect the views of their owners, and do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of the conference management, organizers and partners;
  • The products and services displayed in the exhibition hall or announced in the conference program are provided through contractual work arrangements between the conference management and the participating companies and organizations. These arrangements do not constitute or imply approval by the conference management of these products and services. Moreover, the conference management cannot make specific recommendations for such products, programs or services;
  • Conference management, organizers and partners take responsibility for all interventions that include:

    • Topics that are out of the conference or redundant - this includes promoting events, groups, pages, products, websites or organizations that are not associated or officially affiliated with the conference;
    • Comments that use obscene language, defamatory language or comments to other participants are not in the spirit of discussion;
    • Comments that violate the privacy of any attendees or speakers and their families including unwanted personal information;
    • Comments that violate the privacy of any attendees, speakers and their families, including unwanted personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or address details.
  • The facts and opinions contained in the papers, research and policies presented at the conference are the responsibility of the authors concerned. Authors are responsible for all the contents of their article(articles), including the accuracy of facts, statements, resource citations, etc. The conference management and the Scientific Committee disclaim any liability for violations of the rights of third parties, or any damage incurred as a result of. The conference management stipulated that the submitted materials be original and unpublished or submitted for publication elsewhere. 
  • Opinions, conclusions or recommendations in the papers and articles are only the opinions of the author (authors). The conference management is not necessarily responsible for any errors, omissions or the validity of the information contained in the papers and articles. Conference materials should not be construed as legal opinion or professional advice. 
  • Despite significant efforts in reviewing the research provided, no information published at the conference can be guaranteed concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information published at the conference. 
  • All authors who submit their work to the Conference testify that their work is original and has not been copied or fully or partially impersonated from other works. The authors also acknowledge that they have disclosed all and any actual or potential conflicts of interest with their work or the partial benefits associated with it. In the same way, the Scientific Committee of the Scientific Conference for the Care of Orphans committed itself to an objective and fair review of the work submitted to the conference. Conference management, organizers and partners disclaim any responsibility for violations of the rights of other parties, or any damage incurred as a result of using or applying any of the contents of the scientific papers.
  • Papers, entries or speeches of conference participants may contain links to websites run by other parties. These links are provided for educational purposes only. These links do not mean that the conference administration, organizers and partners agree to the material on any other site, and are not responsible for your access to these linked websites. 
  • All visual, written and audio material broadcast at the Conference is subject to copyright, and no part of this paper may be reproduced or stored in a recovery system or transmitted in any form or by electronic or mechanical means, photocopying, recording, etc.

General Provisions

  • Conference management, organizers and partners are not responsible towards the participant for any injury, loss, damage or damage to the participant's personal equipment or any loss or indirect or consequential damage arising from the participation of the participant in the Conference.  Liability to the participant for any loss of work, revenue, profit, loss of reputation, expected savings, wasted expenses or pledges made on behalf of the participant or to charity.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure that conference-related materials, such as agendas, programs, etc. are distributed to all attendees, the conference management does not guarantee a copy of these materials for all attendees.
  • The Conference management reserves the right to expel any participant in any event if the administration considers at its sole discretion that the participant's conduct is inappropriate, disturbing or offensive to other participants, shareholders or conference staff in any way.
  • Harassment of any participant (attendee, speaker, volunteer, viewer, employee, service provider, organizer, or meeting guest) that includes unacceptable behavior (including but not limited to) unwanted verbal attention, intimidation, stalking, defamation or bullying will not be tolerated.
  • These terms and conditions apply to all participants in the event (attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors).
  • The Conference administration reserves the right to update the disclaimer and terms and conditions without notice.
  • By registering at the Conference, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in this document.