The conference aims at encouraging organizations, stakeholders, and scholars to gain interest in studying challenges that face providing orphans and their families with the best care through: 

1. Providing a necessary platform for discussion and exchange of views between academic scientific sectors and humanitarian organizations in the field of caring for orphans and their families. 

2. pave the way for humanitarian organizations to present their perspectives that are derived from reality and introduce new problems which increases the chances of dealing with them with scientific methods per academic standards. 
3. Providing solutions based on scientific evidence to the problems of caring for orphans and developing skills and knowledge for caregivers and workers in departments working with orphans. 
4. Employing scientific papers and disseminating benefits resulting from them in proposing projects, reforming laws, and making policies.
5. Providing an appropriate environment for networking and exchange of experiences between scientific bodies, humanitarian organizations, and media agencies interested in orphans' care and their families. 
6. Providing appropriate and effective motivations for generating critical and creative ideas by individual researchers and other institutions related to orphaned children. 
7. Exchange of expertise between societies around the world.