Peer-reviewed scientific journal, supervised by an elite international group of academics and experts in the affairs of orphans. The journal deals with humanitarian and social affairs for orphans, children without care, and their foster families

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The Scientific Journal of Orphan Care

Peer-reviewed scientific journal; Issued in London, deals with the human and social affairs of orphans and their foster families, humanitarian organizations and governmental and private institutions working with orphans; including many scientific fields such as: law, economics, sociology, culture, literature, educational sciences, health, management sciences, organization management, human resource management, development, risk and disaster management Humanitarian work and policy development ...);

Publication includes Studies, Articles, Book reviews, Banknotes, Policy papers, Translations, Seminar and Conference reports.

It will be a periodical journal:

• In Arabic: semi-annually - every six months;

• In English: annual - every year.

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