1st Scientific Conference for Orphans Care

Previous Experiences and Development Prospects 

4 - 5 November | 2020
Online conference

An international conference specializing in orphans care and empowering their families


About the Conference

As part of the effort to provide a better world for orphans and their families, the Scientific Conference is an initiative that brings together local and international partners, and all stakeholders, experts, professionals, policymakers, caregivers, and researchers around the world, to deepen the exchange of experiences and debate common issues.

The conference seeks to contribute to a long-term process of change in the mentality and culture of societies, organizations, and donors in their dealing with orphan issues who are among the most vulnerable. By making this meeting periodic, and by attracting associations working with orphans and talking broadly, specialty and diversely, in preparation for setting strategic goals capable of advancing the orphan sector as a whole, and networking the efforts of the most important stakeholders.


The papers presented at the conference will be organized into many frameworks: governance in organizations working with orphans, laws and regulations governing working with orphans, qualifying the widow to access integrated care for orphans, and orphans and widows in the post-war world.

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The Scientific Conference will bring together professionals and academics speakers expertise in the fields of orphans, widows and women and children in general, the speakers represent diverse groups of communities around the world.

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Panel Discussions

Workshops at the Scientific Conference will cover various aspects related to children and women in general, orphans and widows in particular. Side workshops will focus on issues of orphan education, the integration of street children, children and women in armed conflict, and sustainable development goals.

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Providing recommendations of qualitative and quantitative research that serve institutions interested in orphans in developing policies, proposing projects, and improving regional and global regulations and legislation for orphans.

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